• Cay

Yep, still here...

Well, shit.

It's been a whole year since I wrote a blog through Just Another Girl, and what a year it's been! Our hot tub caught on fire (while we were in it), I got married and then Covid. OK, so really only 3 things happened. In all reality folks, aside from the wedded bliss it's just been another standard year in the life of a couple of 30 something's looking for the next big thing.

Yep, someone decided my bullshit was worth dealing with; forever.

Frankly, between you, me and the fence post I've been a tad blue this year. God, I know, first world problems. "She married the love of her life..she runs her own business.. she has great tits.. she's got nothing to be miserable about!" Meh, you're probably right; but I feel what I feel and you can't invalidate those feels. That's right, I just went full millennial in that last sentence, and you can 100% judge me for that. The silver lining to this self proclaimed millennial misery? It has been like a creativity enema shoving great ideas right up my ass, straight to my brain.

A whole year without a peep. I bet y'all thought I was just here to hit it and quit it, huh? Dump out a few mediocre blogs, bleed the blogging trend dry and then move onto the next popular mania? Guess again fuckers, because I've been a writing machine.

"So, like...what have you been doing with all your writing if your not pumping out blogs?"

Believe it or not; you can actually write stuff on the the regular without posting it. I understand that can be hard to consider while we live in this world of instant gratification with a few "likes" or "re-tweets" in the blink of an eye. As I spent many of my Covid isolated evenings hammering on the keyboard, it turns out I have a knack for writing about the macabre. Horror shorts to be exact and bitch, I get daaarrk.

Clearly, when it comes to writing, I have about a 1/4 of the talent of one of Stephen King's toenail clippings, but's a start! It's been a fortuitous segway for me. I came into the blogging game, trying to establish myself as a comedy writer and next thing you know I am scaring the pants off you. I am like the Jordan Peele of mediocre writing. Except he's a famous director and I am just a small town, semi popular on Instagram boutique owner who's been on the news three times and they still won't give me my own segment, living in a city who's police force arrests Storm Troopers on May the 4th.

If my horror shorts don't scare you, my fashion sense will.

What am I getting at here? Basically, what I am trying to tell you is hey, I am still here. And I am doing cool shit behind your back.

Also, follow your stupid dreams.


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