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So Here we are...

I initially started blogging because of my retail business. It was a quirky way to reach my customer base and get real with them so they had a chance to get to know me a little more.

So, here we are.

As I blogged more, I had an oddly strong push from readers, customers, friends, foes (Maybe not foes. I keep bitches at bay.), and others a like to write more. Years ago, when I was young and dumb, I had actually started taking notes for a Coffee Table book about all the ridiculous things that happened to me, or that randomly popped into my head. Like that time I was convinced I had contracted crabs. It turned out it was just potato chip crumbs in my panties.

Low and behold I may have actually been onto something back then, because here we are.

I have a best friend. She may actually be the smartest person I know. Massively high IQ, beauty to match, intriguing as though from another world, and filled with quiet intimidation (even though she's only 5'2"). How she hasn't gotten dumber after 8 years of friendship with me, I will never actually know. She reads more books in a month than I've probably read in my whole life. She teaches me new things, and never judges when I say ridiculous things. Her, the smartest person I know, told me to write more.

I have another friend. One of the kindest people on planet earth, who reads my retail blog religiously even though he doesn't give a hot shit about retail or women's clothing (aside from what's underneath the clothing). Years ago when I told him about my Coffee Table book, he went out and bought me a Starbucks gift certificate so I could sit in Starbucks with my computer, drink coffee and write. He never actually gave it to me, but he still has it! What a champ!! We recently agreed that when I actually get something published, we will go for celebration coffees and use that gift card. He sends me random messages after he reads my blog just to tell me how much he believes in me. Usually with an offside compliment about my boobs, but still.... that shit is encouraging.

I have a long ago friend from the days of old. College style days of old. The kind of friend who knew how much I liked vodka and would match me shot for shot. You know, just a regular Tuesday night spending my hard earned student loan. She was a fun friend for the ages! Yet, she managed to keep all her brain cells in tact and go on to finish her nursing degree and is out there saving lives!! I can guarantee she never saw me do an intellectual thing in the history of our acquaintance. I haven't seen her since college, yet I received a random letter in the mail from her not long ago telling me how much she enjoys my retail blog. It was heartwarming, and I cried like a bitch. I use the card as a bookmark when I read now.

How can I not be encouraged to write more when incredible people like them see things in me that I had no idea where even there 6 months ago?!

So here we are, and here I am. A girl who has a wildly unprecedented and unexpected support system for a thing that I didn't even know I could do. I like to consider this an outlet to give you all highly ill-advised life advice from the view point of a former life hater.

I am clearly not one of the great novelists of the world. Hell, I'm barely even a good blogger, but here I am taking a crack at it.

Here I am, just another girl on the internet.

Just another girl on the internet...

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