Monday, 13 April 2015

Sometimes you just have to be a yes person.

It all began with a salmon sandwich. Normally I refuse to eat anything fish based, especially tuna (no innuendo intended). Although at my Grandad's 80th Birthday Party, where we were indulging in an afternoon tea, one of the sandwich options was salmon and cucumber. My aunt put forward a strong argument as to how delicious they were and I am a fan of delicious food (my jeans are  not so much of a fan right now). So I went against my anti-fish beliefs and said yes to a salmon sandwich. I can confirm that it was not delicious. In fact, it was one of the worst things that has been in my mouth recently. Yes, it was even worse than that odious stranger who somehow spat directly into my mouth.

Luckily, being a yes person was about to get a lot better. Recently, my sister and I had been trying to use twitter to gain tickets to the Vaccines sold out gig in Brixton. We were heading back to London when my sister received the best tweet; a wonderful stranger was offering two tickets to the gig for face value. We weren't going to get into London untill at least 8.30 that night but we had to say yes to the tickets. Before we knew it, we were running through Kings Cross. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to anyone that was harmed with my suitcase during our mad dash.

We eventually made it to my sister's house where we dumped our suitcases, freshened up (in record time) and grabbed a few cans of Red Stripe. After failing to subtly chug cans of lager on the bus and sprinting through Brixton, we made it to the gig. Surprisingly, we had only missed the opening song.

We immediately searched for a way to the front of the action so we could dance all of our sins away. The gig was ridiculously sweaty and my feet were shredded. It was everything I wanted it to be. I even managed to bond with a beautiful man over my ridiculous dancing. Although I should probably stop finding sweaty strangers so attractive.

Apart from the very questionable chicken we ended up with, I would have said it had been a very successful night. My sister might have disagreed as there's a high chance she had been spent a majority of the night with her bum cheek hanging out. Turns out those flares she loved didn't have the most reliable of seams. Either that or she was trying to replicate Christina Aguilera's 'dirrty' days.

The very next day, my sister and I were indulging in sunny evening drinks when we found a link that was streaming the Vaccines secret gig in a small pub in London. I suggested that we should just go and see if we could somehow smuggle our way in. On reflection, this may be borderline harassment. By the time we got to the pub the gig had actually finished but we still stopped for a drink and fan girled over seeing all of the band's equipment up close. My sister even managed to have an awkward encounter with one of the members on the narrow staircase where he politely let her walk up the stairs first. What more could a girl want in life?

Meanwhile, I was getting propositioned with a scotch egg. As much as I believe in being a 'yes person', I'm not sure if I am ready to handle the commitment of sharing a scotch egg with a total stranger. In the end, he was a pretty fun guy. Although when he tried to take a selfie with us on the tube home, I knew I had made the right decision to refuse the commitment of sharing the scotch egg.